Duran Dance Shoes

about durans custom dance shoes

About Duran's Custom Dance Shoes

"Our Shoes fit Like Gloves,
You’ll Want to Dance Forever"

Duran’s shoes are made by hand at our location in the Boyle Heights neighborhood (City of Los Angeles). Our two shoemakers have been employed with us for more than twenty years having come to us from Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. This city is called the capital of shoemaking of Mexico and many of its native residents have a long time family experience in shoe making. They have learned from the company’s founder, Mr. Gonzalo Duran, the ability to adjust the shoe pattern to fit the unique size of the dancer. Sometimes we get clients who have one foot larger than the other and can’t find any place where they can purchase one shoe of one size and another shoe of another size. We can accommodate narrow sizes and extra wide sizes.

Mr. Duran learned his craft from his father, “Abuelito” Duran who began making Mexican sandals in a small village in Durango. Abuelito even knew Pancho Villa who inspired him to make durable boots for horseback riding. Gonzalo continued his trade in Los Angeles, first making boots for friends and then finding a niche in drill team boots for several high schools nearby. His reputation spread throughout the region as being one who can make shoes to fit at a reasonable price. Today, Duran Shoes is known throughout the nation.