Flamenco Dance Shoes

Flamenco Dance Shoes, the beautiful and emotional art form, comes to us from the Spanish Southern regions of Andalusia. Over the centuries, it was thought to have been influenced by several cultures and evolved into the foot stamping, hand-clapping, high-energy fusion we see today.

Near and dear to a flamenco dancer’s heart are her shoes. Flamenco shoes are considered musical instruments sounding out the percussive beats of the cante. The sound quality is crucial as the toque, cante and baile become one with the rhythmic tapping of the shoe. At times, a dancer will go back to traditional styles in which the only music heard is the one coming from the clapping of hands called, toque de palmas, and the rhythm of the shoes. Sure, you can dance flamenco with jazz or ballroom shoes, but a serious flamenco dancer will want the best sound possible.

Flamenco shoes are made with nails under the toes and heels creating the perfect sound that makes you want to jump up, grab some castanets and dance. They’ll also stand up to the most vigorous golpes and taconeos. Duran Custom Dance Shoes offers high quality flamenco shoes in leather and suede with teardrop windows at the toes, crisscross straps for better support, lace-up, buckle or elastic across the heel. Try some on! Your feet will be making beautiful music in no time!

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