Tap Shoes

Tap Shoes by Duran

Tap Shoes: Dancers have always known tap dancing is awesome. With recent movies and celebrities getting in on the act, everyone else knows too. We even have National Tap Dance Day on May 25, which happens to be the great Bill “Bojangles” Birthday. Duran's Custom Dance Shoes is ready to help you find the perfect show-stopping tap shoe.  Whether you’re into Jazz tap, Broadway tap or Irish Step Dancing these shoes will help you make some noise. 

Beginning in the 1800s, tap dance has evolved through the ages. So have the shoes. Early shufflers wore heavy shoes with wooden soles. Today at Duran's Custom Dance Shoes, dancers can shim, sham and shimmy in leather and suede.  We offer two styles of  Tap Shoes:   Capezio or Wing Tip.     You can even order some blue suede shoes! Keep them tap-free to dance the soft shoe, otherwise we will special order and mount your taps here in our shop! If your feet are dying to tap a tune, bring them here. We’ll get you started on the right foot.

* Customers provide their own taps.

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