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Folklorico Dance Shoes

Folklorico Dance Shoes - Mexican Dancing goes back to the days when the Mayans and Aztecs performed ritual and religious dances that were designed to entertain and appease the gods. Today, traditional Mexican dancing is performed by folkloricos ("folk dance" in Spanish), the dancers paying homage to the history of Mexico and its...

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Flamenco Dance Shoes

Flamenco Dance Shoes, the beautiful and emotional art form, comes to us from the Spanish Southern regions of Andalusia. Over the centuries, it was thought to have been influenced by several cultures and evolved into the foot stamping, hand-clapping, high-energy fusion we see today.

Near and dear to a flamenco dancer’s heart...

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Tap Shoes

Tap Shoes by Duran

Tap Shoes: Dancers have always known tap dancing is awesome. With recent movies and celebrities getting in on the act, everyone else knows too. We even have National Tap Dance Day on May 25, which happens to be the great Bill “Bojangles” Birthday. Duran's Custom Dance Shoes is ready to help you find the...

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