My experience of having tap shoes made by Duran Shoes greatly exceeded my expectations.


Because I have large bunions on both feet, narrow heels and need arch support because of my tendency to get plantar fasciitis, “off the rack” tap shoes, even the ones considered to be the best, didn’t work for me at all. In fact, before finding Duran Shoes, I had purchased a pair Capezio K360s , which are our director’s favored tap shoe model. After suffering with them for 6 months, and trying every conceivable strategy such as stretching, orthotics, special lacings to no avail, I gave up on them.


It was then that our director told me about Thommie Taps, which are custom made — not just color combinations but actually made from scratch using the detailed measurements and outline of each foot that you send in when you order. Unbeknownst to me at the time, Thommie Taps are made by Duran Shoes. When Isabel Duran, the owner of Duran Shoes, received my information and recognized my foot issues, she phoned me directly to interview me about my feet before making the shoes. She wanted to make sure the shoes would really work for me. I was amazed by her level of customer service!


Well, the shoes came and they are perfectly weighted, beautifully crafted and, best of all, they satisfy all of my requirements. They have plenty of room for my bunions, the heels fit nicely and there’s also enough room for my custom orthotics which give me arch support. They feel like — well they feel like they were made for me. See my happy face wearing them! Thank you, Thommie Taps and Duran Shoes!

Robyn Jamison

Robyn Jamison, m.f.a.,